School Rules and Rule breakers

Students who break the rules of the school and the host families can be sent home if their accompanying teacher/group leader thinks it is the best solution and under no circumstances are the school fees returned.

Spanish Group outside of Cadiz Cathedral

For the good of all our students, school rules are meant to be obeyed!

Such rules are:

  • Drinking Alcohol without prior written parental/school consent
  • Smoking without prior written parental/school consent
  • Returning home late to your host family without prior written parental/school consent and prior arrangement with host family.
  • Rude behaviour and total lack of respect in the school or in your host family
  • Continual absenteeism in the school
  • General disruptive behaviour and lack of respect for the rest of you class or house mates during activities and excursions.
  • Putting another student or students in danger of being injured due to any irresponsible act.

Students will receive a written and verbal warning from their accompanying teacher /group leader. If the student's attitude does not change the accompanying teacher /group leader will have the final decision on how to solve this disciplinary problem.

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