Information for Accompanying Teachers

Personal safety

  • Our schools staff and director are trained in education and are experts in handling the day to day problems in the first few days of their program.
  • El Puerto de Santa Maria is a safe, friendly and easy city of 85.000 inhabitants.
  • Everything is in walking distance. Our host families are within 5 to 15 minutes from the school and also the beach or the centre of the city
  • We strongly advise our students to:
    • avoid certain areas of the city
    • always travel in groups of at least 3 or more
    • do not display your cash, credit cards, mobile phones, jewellery or electronic goods in the street or in street cafes
    • when going to the beach bring the minimum of items and never leave bags or belongings unattended

Health and supervision of students

  • We ask you as their teacher/group leader to detail any allergies, health restrictions or dietary problems of the students
  • We recommend all students have extra medical care insurance.
  • The school and the host families deal with the lighter everyday problems of head aches, stomach aches and bug bites.
  • Curfew times for the students to returning to their host families at night are set by the accompanying teacher/group leader and under his/her supervision.
  • If a student breaks the rules the student is given a warning by the accompanying teacher. If the rules are broken again the accompanying teacher/group leader will have final decision on what to do with this student.
  • All students will be covered by a full Accident and Liability Insurance. However we strongly recommend that European students bring a copy of the European E111, it can be obtained from your local Social Security office. Non European students are recommended to have private medical and accident insurance

Host families

  • These families have years of experience that know exactly how to communicate to foreign students and above all. They make the student feel as one of the family.
  • All our accommodation is situated in the same areas, near the school and a maximum of 15 minutes walking distance from the school.
  • Our host families are in constant contact with Trinity School and they follow the instructions given to them by the teacher or group leader of the group.
  • As for the meals, we pay special attention to the needs of all students whether they be vegetarians or have some type of allergies to certain products, information which has been previously give to us by the teacher, group leader.

Communicating with their parents while they are away

  • Trinity School has free Wi-Fi for the students so they can communicate with their families. Many of our host families have Wi-Fi too.

Visa requirements

Nationals of the USA, Canada, Japan and all member countries of the EU, Australia and New Zealand do not need a student or tourist visa to visit Spain. Students are considered a tourist while attending the Spanish study programme and they do not require a special student or academic visa while attending our short term programmes. The tourist visa is normally stamped right in the passport, and is usually valid for stays of up to 90 days. If you have any doubts, contact your nearest Spanish Embassy.

Arrival and departure days

  • If flights are delayed or missed, the accompanying teacher/group leader must contact Trinity School by phone whatsapp+34 644 413 046 and NOT by email.
  • It is not always cheap to fly on weekends so we will accept groups arriving on any day of the week.

It is the responsibility of the accompanying teacher/group leader to inform Trinity School of the arrival and departure days and time, complete flight details and local arrival time in advance. The school will not accept responsibility for any changes made by third parties to travel arrangements and at all time it is the teacher/group leader’s responsibility to communicate these changes and / or delays to the school so the group’s new airport pick up can be organized.


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