Traditional tapas from El Puerto de Santa María

21 Julio 2017

What is a tapa? Which tapas should a try if I travel to El Puerto de Santa María?

According to the legend, the tapa was created by Alfonso 10th, The Wise in the 13th century. He ordered that all wines had to be served with a little quantity of food, in order to avoid drunkenness. This is how the tapa was born, and we have kept that tradition until nowadays!


In Spain, we eat tapas before the lunch or before the dinner. We eat really late, if we compare ourselves with other countries in Europe, so we need a tapa to hang in there.


Every area of Spain has its own traditional tapa. If you are coming to El Puerto, don't forget to try:


Ajo caliente: It is some kind of thick warn soup made of bread, tomato, garlic and olive oil. Simple but delicious! You won't find this recipe in any other place in Spain.


Papas aliñadas: This dish is lke a potatoe salad. The essencial ingredients are: potatoes, parsley, onion, olive oil and salt. Some people add rtuna, egg or tomatoe. It is a very popular dish in the summer.


Fried fish: This is the “king” in our area, the most traditional dish. Fresh fish from the Bay of Cádiz, which is fried in olive oil with a very special flour. There are many kinds of fried fish, but we recommend: puntillitas, cazón en adobo and boquerones.


Croquetas: The croquetas are little fried balls made of bechamel and any other ingredient: fish, chicken, beef, vegetales, cheese... You can't eat only one!


Berza: It is a very traditional soup made of vegetables, meat, chorizo, which is cooked very slowly, so the result is thick and tender.


Ensaladilla: It is a cold recipe made of potatoes, tuna, egg, some vegetables (carrot, peas) and a lot of mayonnaise. The recipe can vary a little depending on the area or even the bar.


Remember! It is important not to eat all the tapas in the same bar. Going from one place to another with the family or friends is an important part of the tradition. We make some kind of gastronomic tour!


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