Christmas in Spain

14 Diciembre 2018


Christmas in Spain, Andalucia


For hundreds of years in Andalusia, neighbours and families have being gathering during the Christmas season to sing carols and share treats. These carols have a flamenco flair.


The Christmas season officially kicks off in Spain after the celebrations of Constitution Day (dec 6) and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8). At this point, elaborate light displays will be turned on in cities and villages throughout Spain, Christmas markets will open, and nativity Scenes, or belenes will appear in homes and town squares.

On Christmas Eve, families will gaher together for a large family meal before heading to midnight mass.

December 28 is the celebrarion of the dia de los inocentes (Day of the Innocents or Fools Day) when fake newsand practical jokes will be shared.

On New year´s Eve, families will eat another late meal. Shortly before midnight, everyone will head to the square, each armed wity 12 grapes. One grape is to be eaten with each gong of the clock as midnihgt is struck in order to bring good luck. While grapes are in season this time of year, you can also find small cans specifically for this superstition in supermarkets.

Finally, the holidays draw to a close in a big way, with the celebration of the Day of the three Kings on January 6. On the eve of the feast, a large parade will take place in each town, with the three kings throwing candies to children who will them go home to sleep and wait for the presente the Kings will leave them while they are asleep.

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