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Spanish for Student Groups - Located in Cadiz Province

Host Family Accommodation

Probably the best and most effective way to become fully immersed into the Spanish language and culture is choosing to live with a host family. Students will share rooms with another student of the same sex studying in the same school group.

On the day of arrival when the students are collected in the airport, they are provided with a detailed map. The location of the school and the host family accommodation is clearly marked on each map.

Spanish Group outside of Cadiz Cathedral

Families are carefully selected and continually monitored to ensure high living standards are maintained.

It is important to point out that your host family will have different customs and eating habits to those you are accustomed to and meals will be prepared according to local customs and traditions. Also eating times may vary from the times in your country of origin.

All our host families meet the following requirements:

We ask the accompanying teacher to send us information about any special requests such as special diet, allergies, etc which we need to communicate to the host family.

Causes of change of accommodation:

The school offers students the possibility of moving to another accommodation in the following cases:

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